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  • How are your rates billed?
    We bill by the hour. We have designed a First Hour Fee for simplicity. The First Hour Fee includes travel, diagnostic, and your first hour of service. Each hour after the first is billed in quarterly increments.
  • Do you provide same-day service?
    Our response time is a 24-48 hour window. However, we do our best to accommodate any specific time requests from the customer. If you have an emergency repair that needs to be done quickly, we will make you a priority in order to not cut in on your business hours to greatly.
  • Do you accommodate emergency service requests?
    We do our best to accommodate ER service requests during regular business hours. As can sometime be the case, in the event that we already have a full schedule for that day, OT service will need approved to send a tech after hours.
  • Do you have parts on your trucks?
    We carry the most common parts to get your equipment up and running. If we don't have what we need, we can get stocked items to you the very next day!
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